Purchase Conditions

Tickets are non-refundable and Not for resale. Unauthorized use or duplication of Morey’s Piers tickets is strictly prohibited and will result in revocation without refund and ejection of the person attempting to enter the park. Morey’s Piers reserves the right to change operating days and hours without notice. Visit www.moreyspiers.com for up to date operational hours. All Tickets and Wild Pass products can only be redeemed with this confirmation email present.

The use of this e-ticket is subject to the safety and other terms and conditions contained in "The Official Guide to the Piers and Water Parks." Required safety and other terms and conditions are also available on the Morey’s Piers website at https://www.moreyspiers.com/info/guest-services/policies-safety. The holder of this ticket agrees that all claims against Morey’s Piers or any employee or agent of it, including any claims for personal injury, will be brought only in the State Courts of Cape May County, New Jersey, and not in any other jurisdiction. 

Wild Passes, Wild Water Park Passes & 4 Visit Passes 

Wild Pass products are non-transferable, meaning they can only be used by the person they are purchased for. If it is discovered that a Wild Pass is attempted to be used by someone other than the pass holder, the pass will be revoked without notice or refund.

Lost season pass cards may result in a $5 replacement fee.

4-Visit Wild Passes are only valid for one(1) person to visit on any four(4) days of the current operating season. These passes cannot be split up to be used by more than one person. All Wild Pass products can only be used by the person the pass is purchased for. Unused visits <b>cannot</b> be rolled over into a future season; they <b>MUST</b> be used during the current operating season and will expire upon the closing of the season.</b> No expcetions will be made.